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Longevity Intime is a company developing online technology, which enables early diagnosis of diseases using real-time biometrics from the human body.

Personal electronic gadgets (smart-watches, fitness-bracelets, etc.), portable containers for remote sampling of biomaterial (blood, urine, etc.), software code, and machine learning algorithms help to diagnose and predict the likelihood of developing serious diseases in the extremely early, formerly diagnosable stages, and provide recommendations for their prevention. Early diagnosis of diseases and taking the necessary measures when they are detected can have a positive effect on a person's life expectancy.

The technology developed by us quickly analyzes more than 400 parameters of the physical state of the human body in real-time. Thanks to this, the user receives data on his health status in the mobile application and on the website, as well as personal recommendations aimed at improving his health condition. The recommendations provided are generated by artificial intelligence, verified by specialists, and based on Big Data obtained from proven clinical trials over the past 50 years in the G20 countries.

The Longevity InTime team includes experienced biotechnologists, award-winning scientists, developers, and experienced executives with years of experience. Together we are solving the global problem of life expectancy for each person and for all mankind.

The team of 30 developers from 6 countries all over the world is probably the largest biotech company in the world. Each and every member of which believes in the company's goals and global mission.

Our goal is to extend a person's life by more than 20 active and happy years without any restrictions to him. We respond to both the personal and public interests of every country on Earth.

We believe that you want to see how your children will raise their grandchildren. We intend to deliver you this product InTime!

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