Longevity InTime - Doctor relations

Doctor relations

Longevity InTime Biotech is a telemedicine company that delivers TOP 20 Severe Diseases Online Detection & Prevention Program to self-insured employers, sportsmen, health plans & consumers.

Longevity InTime Biotech is a 5-year prevention program designed to help patients to reduce their risk for developing TOP 20 disease, incl heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancers.

The program helps patients with pre-severe diseases risk to reduce their risk for developing major life shortening diseases by 74% based on researches of our scientific team.

Longevity InTime Biotech has raised more than $2 million in capital from approximately 50 likeminded professionals who have invested in the company and serve on our every day basis & advisory board.

We invite physicians, private doctors to invest in Longevity InTime Biotech. Our doctors & physicians normally invest $15K-$25K and can use an IRA/401K (for USA) to invest.