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Despite the fact that the article "Unsolved problems in biology — The state of current thinking!" was published in 2015, it is still relevant.
Scientists agree on the importance of applying a systems approach in biology when studying processes in living organisms, including aging.

A study published in Nature Scientific Report (April 27, 2021) shows that the potential of evolutionary-comparative has not been revealed even by 1 percent. This article is about a fish with life expectancy of more than 100 yeas, they - Largemouth Buffalo (Ictiobus cyprinellus) - are the logest-living freshwater bony fish out of 12 thousand species.

To unlock this potential, funding is required at the state level of all countries of the world.
We aim to collet more than 1000 signatures from all 252 countries and summarize the result to file to Unated Nation (UN), World Health Organization (WHO) and world's leader for futher consideration. It (252k signatures) will become the biggest longevity focused petition ever.

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