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Your Data Can Cure You

Reverse aging, extend active lifespan now with Longevity InTime

Early stages prediction & prevention of severe diseases that can significantly extend your health span. Powered by artificial intelligence, verified by scientists, generated by Big Data obtained from evidence based only clinical trials.

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BioTechnology Awards

Biotechnology Award

Best Severe Disease Real-Time Remote Tracking Tech Company 2021

Health & Pharmaceutical Award

International Life Sciences Awards

Most Innovative AI Health Tech Company 2020 & Award for Excellence in Disease Tracking Applications 2020...

Private Healthcare Award

Private Healthcare Award

Best COVID-19 Mobile Application 2021: AntiCoronaVirus



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“Seems to have a promising future. I'm ecstatic about keeping on track my health in such an easy manner (having this app). Can't wait for the next features! Many thanks for your efforts developing this app.”

User of BMI Disease Tracker

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“User-friendly minimalistic interface. You need to enter several parameters, and the program will calculate your data. Waiting for updates and new features. Recommend to everyone, who cares about their health.”

User of BMI Disease Tracker

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What is Longevity InTime?

Longevity InTime is a four verticals company which develops online technologies to obtain real-time biometrics from your human body for early diagnosis of diseases and cure you.

  • Personal electronic gadgets (smart-watches, fitness-bracelets, etc.)
  • Portable container for biomaterial sampling
  • Mobile App, Propietary Software and Machine Learning algorithms
All these tools help predict the likelihood of developing serious diseases in the extremely early, formerly diagnosable stages, and provide personalized recommendations for their prevention. Early diagnosis of diseases and taking in time the necessary measures when they are detected can have a positive effect on a person's life expectancy.

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Mobile App.

Our proprietary technology is in beta testing and analyzes today 17 parameters. We plan to add more than 400 human body parameters for personalized real-time risk assessment report. The user receives data on his health status in easy to understand mobile application and in his encrypted personal web account, as well as personal recommendations aimed at improving his health span.
All evidence based risks & recommendation reports are frequently updated with paramenters changes thanks to patent pending AI methods. We create your personal biobank using historical data of your parameters, making the predictions even more precise. Read more

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Our Mission.


The team of 40 developers from 12 countries all over the world working on the sweat for equity model is probably the largest biotech company in the world. Each and every member of which believes in the company's goals and global mission.

Our goal is to extend a person's life by more than 20 active and happy years without any restrictions to him. We respond to both the personal and public interests of every country on Earth.

We believe that you want to see how your children will raise their grandchildren. We intend to deliver you this product InTime!
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Life Expectancy Chart


Reported as the annual per capita health expenditure and is adjusted for inflation and price level differences between countries (measured in dollars)... Read more




Help Yourself. Sign the Petition

Despite the fact that the article "Unsolved problems in biology — The state of current thinking!" was published in 2015, it is still relevant.
Scientists agree on the importance of applying a systems approach in biology when studying processes in living organisms, including aging.

A study published in Nature Scientific Report (April 27, 2021) shows that the potential of evolutionary-comparative has not been revealed even by 1 percent. This article is about a fish with life expectancy of more than 100 yeas, they - Largemouth Buffalo (Ictiobus cyprinellus) - are the logest-living freshwater bony fish out of 12 thousand species.

To unlock this potential, funding is required at the state level of all countries of the world.
We aim to collet more than 1000 signatures from all 252 countries and summarize the result to file to Unated Nation (UN), World Health Organization (WHO) and world's leader for futher consideration. It (252k signatures) will become the biggest longevity focused petition ever.


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